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MOX (Major oriented Xfers) Bidding System
v. 2.1
Motto: The system makes sense only if you can reach better contracts...
Author: Mihail Filipov Nedyalkov, Varna, Bulgaria
phone: 359 52 759661, GSM: 359 897 966704
Email: mishovnbg@gmail.com
Feel free to use the ideas in this system for your own needs, but please refer to the author and send him your own remarks, ideas, systems...

Special thanks to:
Marian Tomov (marit)
Svilen Trendafilov (4b)
Rumen Trendafilov (rumen)
Boyan Halachev (ppilot)
Radoslav Radev (rado)
Stoyan Vutov (asking1)
Ben Dickins (inquiry)
Gert Vandyck (downagain)

1. Introduction:
This system features some themes: giving as little information as possible to the opponents; sacrificing some sign-offs to improve game and slam auctions; major oriented transfer responses; distribution-inquiring relays only for 5-4 type hands with No/HiMiLo responses; alternative way of "natural" bidding using xfers, which allow low level checks. Template rebids and their continuations, to allow brainpower to concentrate on playing; Smart Splinters(New!) in 2 way competition; Stepping template responses in competition(New!); Smart Michaels(New!).

1.1. Abbreviations:
HCP = high card points
H = A/K/Q/J/10
TH = A/K/Q
BAL = balanced - 4333, 4432, 5333, (5422, 6322)
UNBAL= unbalanced - 5+-4+ or 6+
SEMIBAL = balanced or semi balanced, possible singleton in Pd's suit.
C = clubs
D = diamonds
H = hearts
S = spades
NT = notrump
DOUB = doubleton
SING = singleton
VOID = void
/ = or
L = loser - first 3 cards held in each suit, except for the A, K, Q
GOOD=good suit - AK, AQ, KQ, AJ10, AJ9, (KJ10, KJ9, QJ10)
SS = self-sufficient suit - with at least 4 Honors
MIN = minimum HCP
AVG = average HCP
MAX = maximum HCP
Ex = example: S, H, D, C
#- and #+ = that # or less/more. e.g. 6+ = 6 or more, 3- = 3 or less

OPP = opponent
Pd = partner
Op = opener
Re = responder
ROp = reopen, balancing position
Ov = overcaller
ST = stopper
xfer = transfer
V = vulnerable
NV = not vulnerable
FIT = support in partner's suit
NAT = natural bid
SO = Sign off
PRE = pre-emptive
NF = non forcing
P/C = pass or correct
INV = invitation
GTRY = game try
F1 = round forcing
GF = game forcing
STRY = slam try
KC: Key Cards = 4A+K trump
REL = asking for strength and/or distribution

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